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What does January 2020 look like for us?

What does January 2020 look like

What does January 2020 look like for us?

It is a month to be proud of where we are at as individuals and what we have all achieved; it’s a time for reflection and appreciation.

We are proud that all of our students are able to look back at just how valuable their learning has been and how much easier life was made by having access to our online portal throughout their course. Partnered to the extension of CPD courses that we nurture for onward learning and student career support for many years past the first qualification a student receives from Brighton Holistics.

At the close of 2019 we held a celebratory anniversary of trading, right before the launch of our full 2020 portfolio that now extends to 97 courses.

Tutorial videos

Another important task for us has been to create useful and easy to understand online accessible tutorials for our students to access. So we’ve continued with a series of concise and accurate short tutorial videos for the precision of beginners, helping students to cover all the necessary parts of their learning skills when away from the classroom environment. This video series will be ongoing, so feel free to send any suggestions for topics you would like to see into the future.

Improving upon 2020

Our tutor team is really grateful for every minute we spend in the company of our students, for every remark you have made and every opinion you have shared. All your input helps us to improve the overall experience for our students into 2020.

2019 was a historic year and we are pleased to see the number of students continuing their CPD education and up skill growing year on year. And while we are off to a great start, remember that this is only the beginning, as we have more exciting developments to come and be announced. Please do look at our extended learning courses, those fresh skills you may seek. The basis and foundation of our business is built upon continued education, we believe we are ambassadors and leaders for the complementary industry and individuals growth. It is the heartbeat of whom we are.

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