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The Freedom to change someone’s Christmas

Brighton Holistics Community Project The Freedom to change someone's Christmas

The Freedom to change someone’s Christmas

All this year our efforts in fundraising along with your help, have been simply incredible. Giving to South African charity your clothing donations, where we have onwards transported 20 suitcases to our South African community.

We continue to challenge our fundraising target with a new gallop and up our game to a concentrated Christmas focus, where you might wish to make a donation and leave an amazing legacy with it. Giving a chance to making things a little better for others at Christmas who don’t expect it.

Our link with the WAS foundation gives charitable aid by giving a voice to the people of South Africa whom cannot speak for themselves. Providing truly transformational results, we have already contributed and made a commitment here at Brighton Holistics to contribute more, soft toys, books, pens, pencils and art paints, shoes, clothes, wool, material and many other donations.

We are doing our small part by helping to uplift and provide hope to impoverished communities so that they can become self-sustainable. With a long-term vision that each family can regain dignity and respect.

Where charitable donation will provide vital basic resources to those whom go without life’s bare essentials. With this too protecting innocent children from harm and teaching necessary life skills to realise a better life as they grow.

As long as poverty, injustice and inequality persists, the charity will not rest. Its rhetoric is that it doesn’t take much to change a life and for us to make that tiny little difference that helps them succeed.

We could not continue our life-changing South African community work without your help. Our fundraisers so far have been simply incredible and seen wonderful results. This combined support enables us to keep our promise to the South Africa community of not leaving the less fortunate behind.

We have a target of £500 to reach by early December and we hope that you will help us reach our fundraising target by simply making a donation to our crowdfunding page and our Brighton Holistics Community Project page that gives a little more detail for this wonderful foundation run by a wonderfully determined lady.

We are selecting November as our charitable month and you will see posts on our social media feed to change the mindset of Christmas, where charitable donation is its worthy partner. Any small donation will truly make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

If you would like to donate please do so via our Just Giving page