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Stepping into Julys News at Brighton Holistics

Stepping into Julys News at Brighton Holistics Reflexology

We are already halfway through 2019 and July with that too, deep into the summer and there is always something for me to get happy about when it comes to complementary therapy. This month I am delving into our chest of teaching goodies with all things feet, (Reflexology Treatments) bringing the hard workers back to life. Treatments that can keep our feet in tip-top condition, with a treasury of foot focused courses on our curriculum to delve and pool into.

While formal life tells us to wear shoes, a little taking off the shoes and socks and grounding to focus the attention on one thing to empty your mind can be healing practice in itself. Taking off your shoes and socks to find a space of grass isn’t something to which you need to devote great chunks of your day too. There is a wealth of research that shows how beneficial grounding each day is for your wellbeing and mental health, so you might discover that scheduling a few minutes a day to slow your body and mind, to focus your attention on one thing and taking a few breaths is very much worth it for the feeling of calm you gain. 

Rested Feet

Sometimes life never seems to stop, it is easy to get caught up in its circle. With our Aromatherapy diploma course, we will teach you a little product blending ritual and the art and science of plant oils to shift mood and bring a renewed sense of positivity to relieve. Footbaths and aromatic baths have been used by herbalists and healers for hundreds of years. This beautiful treatment is a helpful pick me up go to when used alone.

Stepping into tradition

Reflexology is based on the principle that various reflex points or zones on the feet affect, and are affected by different parts and organs of the body. A knowledge of these zones allows a therapist to use them both to identify and to treat areas of weakness. [1] From here many use reflexology either to diagnose areas of possible weakness to guide them further into their choice of aromatherapy oil and treatment to reinforce the effect of the general treatment.

The Ancient Arts

Hot and Cold Stones can be incorporated into a reflexology treatment to further enhance the benefits of Reflexology. It is estimated that one stroke of a hot stone is worth five strokes with the hand! It is also believed to yield five times deeper and five times longer-lasting effects compared to a ‘normal’ reflexology session. Where the heat aids to relax the muscles in the feet allowing the therapist to work deeper into the reflex areas.

The Natural Choice

Reasons for infertility divide roughly between men and women, where infertility is on the increase and conception involves a fair amount of mystery and miracles. This has been attributed to the fact that couples are postponing starting a family and to there are so many possible causes of infertility, the reasons can be exhaustive. The work of Complementary Fertility Reflexology seeks to address treatments that are possible permutations and zones of infertility, it is by no means a cure and there are of course no guarantees yet reflexology has had good results in helping those with problems conceiving.

Make the best of July

Spirits without question do lift when summer is on its way, there is so very much to enjoy. Get out and about and enjoy and care for your feet. I hope you are inspired to make sure your beloved feet will be happy and maybe from my list you can pick one thing to learn to make their living space a little better upon this summer season.

For information on all the Reflexology courses available at Brighton Holistics, please click here

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