Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage Training Course


Our Advanced /Deep Tissue Massage Diploma training course taught at Brighton Holistics, is comprehensive and practical. All our courses are taught to the highest standards maximising your learning outcomes. This Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage Diploma training course is fully Accredited by The FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

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Brighton Holistics are pleased to offer you the ‘Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage’ Training Course from Brighton, Sussex.

Title: Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage 
Accreditation: This course is accredited by the Federation of Holistics Therapists (FHT).
Payment Method: Payments can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or by calling the Brighton Holistics office on 01273 672 690. To book online, simply click the appropriately dated add to cart button below.
Venue: Brighton Holistics
Tutor: Jon or Ryan
Brief: Advanced deep tissue massage training course aims to help you develop advanced massage techniques which will enable you to be more confident and specific in your treatments.
Requirements: Learners must be over the age of 18 and meet the pre-course pre-requisites, which are shown below.
Duration: The course is run over one day starting at 10.30am and finishing around 4.30pm.

This one-day Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage training course taught at Brighton Holistics is comprehensive and practical.

What do you do when your clients want deeper massage work than you feel confident and competent to give? This advanced massage techniques workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to develop your deep tissue massage skills.

Advanced deep tissue massage training course aims to help you develop advanced massage techniques which will enable you to be more confident and specific in your treatments. This will open up your client base by enabling you to offer more than a relaxation massage, and you will be able to treat clients with muscular tenderness and lack of flexibility with more confidence.

You will also be shown how varying your client’s positioning on the couch will allow you to access certain muscle groups better, making your treatments even more effective.

During the course we will cover the following topics:

  •  What is deep tissue/advanced body massage,
  •  The purpose of deep tissue /advanced body massage,
  •  Trigger points and muscular knots,
  •  Neuromuscular technique (N.M.T.),
  •  Muscle stretching techniques (MST),
  •  Muscle energising techniques (MET),
  •  Examples of stretch and release,
  •  Contraindications to body massage,
  •  Massage movements,
  •  Anatomy and physiology revision,
  •  Deep tissue routine.

Course information

Qualification gained:

Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Diploma in Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage.

Course accreditation:

This course is accredited by the Federation of Holistics Therapists (FHT). This course has been awarded 10 CPD points.

Course Pre-requisites:

The qualification gained from this course will only be accepted for professional practice and insurance if the learner holds the pre-requisites of a recognised accredited Level 3 or 4 Body / Sports / Swedish Massage / Aromatherapy / Beauty (level 3) qualification.

If you require any help or advice regarding your training, please don’t hesitate to call Brighton Holistics on 01273 672 690.

Class Size:

A maximum of four learners per class, this allows the tutor to monitor individuals progress and development. As training is given in small groups, learners will be required to bring a model for each day of the training course, for you to practice the treatment on. Learners do not practice treatments on each other as this reduces the learning time by half. The model would not be required until 1.15pm. Please see the booking terms and conditions for information.

Manuals & Certification:

Training manuals will be downloadable to each learner via their online learning portal. These manuals will be available to download for 60 days once your course has started. It will be the learner’s responsibility to download and save the training manuals within this time. Manuals can be read on all devices. Certification for your course will be emailed to you once you have met the learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes & Evidence of achievement:

Learners will be required to show achievement of a range of relevant learning outcomes and assessment criteria, as set by the National Occupational Standard and Accrediting Body by: –

  • Practical assessments and theoretical knowledge will be assessed during your training time.
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) members will need to complete six case studies; this is made up of two clients each having three treatments. If you chose not to complete case studies, a CPD certificate will be issued for this course and not a Diploma certificate.

Dates, Bookings and Information:

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If you have any questions regarding the Diploma and CPD courses we offer here at Brighton Holistics, please telephone Brighton Holistics on 01273 672 690.

For information on the difference between a Diploma and CPD Course, please click here for further information.


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