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Online Therapy Training @ Brighton Holistics

Online Training - Brighton Holistics

Online Therapy Training @ Brighton Holistics  – During these difficult times, while being in lock down and also being bored with not going outside, we are asked about learning a therapy online, such as Aromatherapy, Body massage and reflexology.

The short answer to this is NO.

The main reason is that the regulator doesn’t accept this as a form of training for hands on therapy and I agree. The best part of learning any new therapy is learning from the experience of the tutor and being able to ask questions directly, as well as listening to how the tutor has dealt with situations and experiences.

Online learning doesn’t allow this. Also if you are learning a therapy the tutor will guide you through making sure that hand potions, posture, pressure and technique is correct, which can’t be done via an online course.

Now I’m not saying that this won’t come in the future because I think it will, as we all live busy life’s. People will be looking for the quickest and simplest route to become qualified. The problems with this is that we need quality therapists within the industry, not just a large quantity of therapists. When a therapist is dealing with a client we are working with a vulnerable person and we must draw on our experience to deal with that person. We as therapists are always learning and we learn from every client and every case study, you can’t do that via online learning.

What the industry does allow however is for theory / knowledge based courses to be completed online such as: –

You will also find that these courses are non insurable as they are knowledge based courses and knowledge can’t be insured only practical subjects can be. It is important that a therapist only works within the therapy skill set they are qualified in, for example, a Sports massage therapist, even at Level 5, is not a physiotherapist although more and more often we are seeing sports therapists calling themselves physios. You are a Sports Massage therapist and must only work within your allowed remit under your qualification.