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Let September be a Light.

Let September be a Light.

Let September be a Light.

It is clear that a balance in nature exists, it can be beautiful.

September sees us looking at the first visible signs of the cycle of energetic forces in nature as we ease into autumn.

Reiki teaches us the wisdom of energetic qualities, of receptivity, openness and nurture, along with healing, renewal interconnectedness, intuition and wisdom. Sadly we are using and appreciating less and less of these qualities and appreciation for the potency of our ability and environment.

We and others can feel overwhelmed by our energy and feel that we can’t control it. Over years of working with unbalanced energy we can create an imbalance and become unaligned with our inner frequency which unifies with whom we are. When practiced, Reiki can call in a real difference in your relationships, with yourself, with others and with the environment.

Our Reiki Second Degree Accredited Practitioner course taught at Brighton Holistics is comprehensive and practical. This Reiki Accredited Practitioner qualification course covers Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology; and covers Professional Conduct and Business Awareness and is accredited by the FHT and Reiki Federation. The course takes approximately twelve months to complete, where attendance is for four training days.

During the course we cover working with the mind and body link, an introduction to visualisation and energetic anatomy. Hands on Reiki healing (couch and chair, Reiki II symbols and techniques), grounding, distance Reiki healing and meditation practice.

Attendees must have held a Reiki First Degree Certification and self practice for a minimum of six months to attend the course.

Start by noticing; being open and receive to the elements. Capturing the moments of Autumn, decaying forest floors and the complex interplay of energetic forces, the yielding and vigour working together. It is the perfect and beautiful balance of nature, the yin and yang.

Reiki is a tool which raises the awareness and connection with the forces of energy. Creating an inner frequency which unifies with whom you are and delicately practiced daily.

Reiki is for all ages, all walks of life and maybe a path for you? Enjoy it and share it. – Let September be a Light.