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Facing the month of December

Facing the month of December

Facing the month of December. It is the month of appreciation for thoughtful little gestures and personal touches. Making all the difference to sprinkle a share of care and contribution to the Christmas holiday period.

At this time of year there is an increase in needing a break and the best Christmas gift is to make a life a little brighter and lighter. There is no better way to celebrate with a little imagination of your skills, knowing that you can create a memorable present and getaway in therapy treatment.

This month we have picked upon the eastern therapy of facial massage. Where in shiatsu, acupressure and similar Eastern therapies pressure is applied to points of the face in order to stimulate or unblock the flow of vital energy in specific meridians. The practice of facial massage leaves the feeling of a more lifted, tightened and uplifted face.

Facials are becoming big news; much more than creams and product, entering into the practices of massage. An art of many hundred years where first written records of massage therapy are from Chinese medical texts dating from the third century BC. Relieving neck tension, alleviating nervous disorders, a relief of premenstrual water retention, lymphatic drainage focus, improvement of facial skin and muscular tone among many of the attributes a Rejuvinating facial massage boasts.

Here at Brighton Holistics we believe in likewise the covetable healthy gains and attributes of Rejuivinating massage. Having seven stages to invigorate appearance and to crystallise in clarity what it is to have a good self care facial routine. The passage of learning to deliver a rejuvenating facial massage will teach the pressure point locale on the face to include, mental stimulation, pituitary gland, colon, kidney, bowel action, heart, spleen, pancreas and stomach, lungs, lymphatic and more. A treatment of great detail and a stand alone therapy of its own.

We have been following holistic therapy and delivery of teaching for many years and seen facial massage take a re-birth over the last year. We believe we hold the blueprint of diving deep into all our subjects on our portfolio to help our students progress that little father. In partnership to having a fantastic community of therapists whom we are utterly proud and are always listening to feedback of ideas and trying to be that little bit better in our delivery for.

What a deserved time to thank all for visiting Brighton Holistics, for your continued support and custom. We wish you all a fantastic festive period and a close to what has been a year full of gratitudes.