COVID-19, Visitor attendance form

COVID-19, visitor attendance form

Please read and complete this form relating to Covid-19. By completing this form you are accepting that the answers given are, to the best of your knowledge, honest and correct.

All tutors, learners, models and visitors are required to complete this form before each day of training or visiting Brighton Holistics. Failure to complete this form will result in you not being allowed access to Brighton Holistics. Please note, this form will not be available to be filled out on the day and must be returned to Brighton Holistics no more than 24hours before arrival.

To view the Brighton Holistics Covid-19 Awaernes and briefing page please click here.

To view the Brighton Holistics Health and Hygiene Policy please click here.

By this, we mean the Government restriction levels and tier system.
You are being asked this question to prove that you are not a computer. Please note * means multiply
This form can only be accepted with less than 24 hours before attendance, i.e. the day before. If you are sending this form with more than 24 hours before your attendance, it will not be accepted.

If at any point during the day you begin to feel unwell, please inform a member of the Brighton Holistics team immediately.