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Diplomas and certificates @ Brighton Holistics

Diplomas and certificates @ Brighton Holistics

We are very often asked why our courses are diplomas and not certificates, the answer is simple. Diplomas and certificates are awarded by accredited schools and colleges, to students who complete a course of study. These documents certify that the learner has successfully completed the course, but they differ in a few aspects.

Certificates are issued by a school after attending a course. This course does not need to be accredited.

Diplomas however, provide more in-depth knowledge of the course you are studying and are a longer duration than certificates. This normally entails completing case studies or reflective practice or attending an assessment etc.

When it comes to course fees, diploma fees are usually a little higher than certificate fees. That is because the diploma course takes longer and contains more admin i.e. marking, assessments etc, than a certificate course.

When it comes to employability, diplomas are also more widely accepted than certificates. Sure, a certificate says you have some knowledge about a field, but diploma says you have an extensive knowledge about a field. Therefore, employers prefer diplomas to certificates.

However, the situation becomes confusing when some schools name their certification programs as diplomas, when in fact they are certificate courses not a diploma.  A diploma certificate is made up of two pages where a certificate is only a one-page document.  When faced with such a situation, it is important to make sure that your professional body and insurance company will recognise and accept the course you are doing.  

If you have been sold a Diploma course and in fact it is a certificated course, this is miss selling and against the law. Normally courses are only miss sold by training schools who don’t fully know how things work or by people giving misleading information. The consumer act and trading standards will be able to advise you further on this matter.

You may ask “Why don’t all schools offer diplomas?”, this is easy to answer, they don’t want to take on the additional responsibility or time constraints of marking and offering additional support to learners or the added administration which goes along with diploma courses.

We would always advise that learners take a diploma courses, but again, the decision is yours to make as long as it is acceptable for you and your requirements.

To view the Diploma course we have on offer here at Brighton Holistics please click Here.

All the Diplomiaas at Brighton Holaistics are fully accredited by FHT.

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COVID 19 – Update from Brighton Holistics on May 2nd 2020


Dear << Test First Name >>

I hope this email finds you safe and well,

Again I apologise for the mass email, but this is the easiest way to keep everyone up to date with how we are working with the situation.  This email is for all our learners so some of it may be irrelevant to you, but we cant email individually.

At present Brighton Holistics has cancelled all face to face courses until the end of June 2020. We are currently being asked every day when will we start teaching again, and unfortunately the simple answer to this is, we just don’t know. We will follow the guidelines as stated by the Government, Professional Body and the Regulator.

However, we have put a plan together on how we expect to return to teaching and seeing our clients, but like all good plans, we may and probably will need to adjust this.

Once a date has been provided by the government and professional bodies to resume teaching, Brighton Holistics will not start teaching for four weeks after the set date. The reason for this is to allow some sort of normality to set in and to allow people to adjust and find their feet.

We will follow the guidelines for social distancing and this could mean that you may need to bring in a family member to work on. We will take guidance on this once we have it, but please be prepared for this.

Class sizes will be reduced – all one / two day short courses will have a maximum of three learners allowed to attended and will still be required to provide a model if your course would ordinarily require one. Level 3, 4 and 5 qualifications will have a maximum of 6 learners unless government guidelines require learners to bring in a family member to work on due to social distancing, meaning we will then work with three learners. This will be updated once we know more

Brighton Holistics has created and will be working with, a very strict Health and hygiene Policy. Please read the policy below:

  1. While attending a course at Brighton Holistics, you are more than welcome to wear any PPE you wish, however, please note that PPE will only be issued to learners if the course requires it.
  2. On entry to the treatment room, all outdoor shoes must be removed.
  3. Everyone entering the treatment room must use hand sanitiser, located within the porch.
  4. On each of the tables within the theory area, hand sanitiser will be available for people to use.
  5. Hand sanitiser must be used before the start of each treatment.
  6. Hand sanitiser must be offered to any client or model who is receiving a treatment
  7. At the end of each training day, each treatment bed and all areas will be wiped down using antibacterial wipes or spray.
  8. Hand sanitiser must be used before leaving the bathroom
  9. While using the bathroom learners are responsible for leaving the toilet as they found it. Only toilet paper is to be flushed down the toilet. Sanitary towels are to be placed in sanitary bags provided and then placed in the sanity bin provided 
  10. 10.The bathroom will be deep cleaned at the end of each training day 
  11. At the end of each day all cups or mugs and cutlery used during training will be deep cleaned in the dishwasher
  12. Any additional training tools will be sterilised using the correct means for each product. 
  13. Any wraps and bathrobes etc. used during training will be washed at the end of each training day at 60 degrees using washing powder. An additional antibacterial cleaner will also be added to the wash. 
  14.  Every Monday, the treatment room will be deep cleaned. 

This policy is to protect everyones health and hygiene. Anybody failing or refusing to abide by this policy will be asked to leave the treatment room. 

In regards to course dates, we have looked at this and by the end of June we will have over 200 learners who are miss placed with dates.

We have been looking at many ways on how we feel we can sort this issue out. The only solution seems to be to recreate the diary. What this will mean is that if you are already part way through your course we will set new tutorial dates for you.

If your course has been postponed or you have not yet started any practical lessons, you will be invited to choose a new course start date. This start date will be the start of your practical lessons of the course. We are planning on creating the diary from day one (the day we start teaching) all the way through to December 2021.

This is a huge undertaking and takes a lot of time, but we can and will sort it out for our learners.

Every current course have already been given a four-month extension, however, we have made the decision to add the maximum extension permitted for your course meaning: –

  • Short courses have been extended to 12 months – from your course start date
  • Level 2 and Level 5 Qualification courses have been extended to 12 months – from your course start date
  • Level 3 and Level 4 Qualification courses have been extended to 18 months – from your course start date

No further extensions will be allowed, unless required by Government, Regulator and the Professional Body.

Please note that online courses and qualifications are not subject to these extensions as they are not face to face courses so their original time frame remains unchanged.

As learners may not have been able to practice their practical skills for some time, we are also looking at adding an additional tutorial day onto each course to allow learners to recap what they have been taught, before continuing their learning. We will endeavour to add these tutorial days in as soon as possible once we are allowed to start teaching. Please can we ask learners to try and be flexible and understanding regarding new course dates?

The Brighton Holistics Terms and Conditions still apply, but have been amended with a COVID 19 amendment statement.

Please be patient with us as we are just as affected by this as you are. We will do our best to facilitate everyone as quickly and as safely as we possibly can.   

Our main concern is the safety of our learners and the Brighton Holistics Team, so we must follow the guidelines given to us by the Government, Professional Body, the Regulator.

As we know more, we will update all of our learners, giving everyone the best chance to fit new dates into their diary. We thank you for your continued support and all the well wishes we have had from so many learners. It means so much to us that you are thinking about us during this difficult time.

As many of you may know we have been doing charity work with the Brighton Holistics Community Project out in South Africa since 2017, which helps local communities. We are currently in South Africa on lockdown, as we were not able to get back to the UK before the lockdown came into effect as we had to self isolate. Please rest assured though that we are still able to fully support and assist you with any telephone, Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Zoom or email questions you may have on the usual contact details. Theory assessments can continue to be booked and completed while we are here, so please continue to work though your course.

So many of you have also helped us by donating toys, books, clothes, shoes etc, and we have now had a little bit of time to sort through the items that have been so graciously donated. Please click here to view more about this project and for a few pictures of just some the items that have been donated.

We will be holding another online Brighton Holistics get together on May 13th @ 8pm

Here are the login details for the meeting. It’s a great opportunity to ask any questions regarding coursework etc.

Brighton Holistics get together

Wed, May 13, 2020 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (BST)

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United Kingdom: +44 20 3713 5028

Access Code: 157-970-085

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts:

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and meeting our new students in person, who have yet to start their practical training. We trust you are all keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

Take care and stay safe

Jon & Ryan

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Online Therapy Training @ Brighton Holistics

Online Training - Brighton Holistics

Online Therapy Training @ Brighton Holistics  – During these difficult times, while being in lock down and also being bored with not going outside, we are asked about learning a therapy online, such as Aromatherapy, Body massage and reflexology.

The short answer to this is NO.

The main reason is that the regulator doesn’t accept this as a form of training for hands on therapy and I agree. The best part of learning any new therapy is learning from the experience of the tutor and being able to ask questions directly, as well as listening to how the tutor has dealt with situations and experiences.

Online learning doesn’t allow this. Also if you are learning a therapy the tutor will guide you through making sure that hand potions, posture, pressure and technique is correct, which can’t be done via an online course.

Now I’m not saying that this won’t come in the future because I think it will, as we all live busy life’s. People will be looking for the quickest and simplest route to become qualified. The problems with this is that we need quality therapists within the industry, not just a large quantity of therapists. When a therapist is dealing with a client we are working with a vulnerable person and we must draw on our experience to deal with that person. We as therapists are always learning and we learn from every client and every case study, you can’t do that via online learning.

What the industry does allow however is for theory / knowledge based courses to be completed online such as: –

You will also find that these courses are non insurable as they are knowledge based courses and knowledge can’t be insured only practical subjects can be. It is important that a therapist only works within the therapy skill set they are qualified in, for example, a Sports massage therapist, even at Level 5, is not a physiotherapist although more and more often we are seeing sports therapists calling themselves physios. You are a Sports Massage therapist and must only work within your allowed remit under your qualification.