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November @ Brighton Holistics

November & Brighton Holistics

November @ Brighton Holistics – November 6th sees national stress Awareness Day, seeing us unite with its message and proudly announcing a new Mental Health Conditions module and Equality and Diversity module into all of our 2020 Diploma courses. Whereby we believe in by expanding our learners education it herefore brings an enhanced capacity to understand how to meet a clients need with greater respect.

Are you ready for the nights drawing in? Another great chime of autumn is there’s more time to be with your loved ones. Fear not, we have a variety of introduction courses for you to discover and share with your nearest and dearest, ranging from aromatherapy, crystal therapy, feet, reflexology and many more. Sit back and take a look, one of these may even be a perfect fit for a present box for Christmas too?

By example, our Introduction to crystals and Crystal Therapy online course gives a basic understanding of crystals and their meaning and uses. Whereby crystal healing has been around since the beginning of mankind’s existence. This ancient therapy works with the natural power of crystals and gemstones to help improve health and wellbeing to seek a restoration of our often stressful lifestyles.

The very best Christmas focus present we seek this year is for Santas helpers to support our charitable cause. All this year our efforts in fundraising along with your generous help have been simply incredible. Giving to South African charity your clothing donations, herby we have onwards transported 20 suitcases to our South African community. We have a further target of £500 to reach by early December and we hope that you will help us reach our fundraising target to the WAS Foundation by simply making a tiny donation to our crowdfunding page.

Brighton Holistics proudly is a leading double award-winning therapy training centre with over 70 qualifications approved with the FHT. Our 2020 developments into our qualification portfolio see us move further forward with our curriculum. To include Oncology Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology and the reintroduction of one of our learners favourites Lomi Lomi and Thai herbal compress therapy. 

Proudly we have a daily opportunity to meet with our learners and therapists to hear of their stories, their struggles, their successes and how they are realising their dreams and ambitions of becoming professional therapists. You will be observing this through our social media streams and to invite any therapists for their ‘learners story’ contribution and images.

We hope that we are well placed to support our learners even better into the new year, to find out about studying with Brighton Holistics please don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look through our expansive website portfolio.

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The Freedom to change someone’s Christmas

Brighton Holistics Community Project The Freedom to change someone's Christmas

The Freedom to change someone’s Christmas

All this year our efforts in fundraising along with your help, have been simply incredible. Giving to South African charity your clothing donations, where we have onwards transported 20 suitcases to our South African community.

We continue to challenge our fundraising target with a new gallop and up our game to a concentrated Christmas focus, where you might wish to make a donation and leave an amazing legacy with it. Giving a chance to making things a little better for others at Christmas who don’t expect it.

Our link with the WAS foundation gives charitable aid by giving a voice to the people of South Africa whom cannot speak for themselves. Providing truly transformational results, we have already contributed and made a commitment here at Brighton Holistics to contribute more, soft toys, books, pens, pencils and art paints, shoes, clothes, wool, material and many other donations.

We are doing our small part by helping to uplift and provide hope to impoverished communities so that they can become self-sustainable. With a long-term vision that each family can regain dignity and respect.

Where charitable donation will provide vital basic resources to those whom go without life’s bare essentials. With this too protecting innocent children from harm and teaching necessary life skills to realise a better life as they grow.

As long as poverty, injustice and inequality persists, the charity will not rest. Its rhetoric is that it doesn’t take much to change a life and for us to make that tiny little difference that helps them succeed.

We could not continue our life-changing South African community work without your help. Our fundraisers so far have been simply incredible and seen wonderful results. This combined support enables us to keep our promise to the South Africa community of not leaving the less fortunate behind.

We have a target of £500 to reach by early December and we hope that you will help us reach our fundraising target by simply making a donation to our crowdfunding page and our Brighton Holistics Community Project page that gives a little more detail for this wonderful foundation run by a wonderfully determined lady.

We are selecting November as our charitable month and you will see posts on our social media feed to change the mindset of Christmas, where charitable donation is its worthy partner. Any small donation will truly make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

If you would like to donate please do so via our Just Giving page

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October Inspiration

October Inspiration – We are inspired by touch, for our craft and our teaching is through its mode and constant conversion into complementary treatments. Wether it be massage, reflexology, aromatherapy or more. This months social media explores the big talking point of touch and how we should reflect upon it.

With it, we also bring the news that it is a significant step to recognise a collective ongoing mission to celebrate massage. On 1 September, in particular, we celebrate National massage day, designed to raise awareness of the many hands-on touch and contact massage therapies that are in our amazing complementary industry. How they can be used to support clients with a multitude of needs. The general approach to this is offering information through media, affiliates and more. In a  relaxed, introductory level of resources that reaches as broad an audience as possible, from members of the public to therapy students and to existing therapies expanding their portfolios. Please do join in and look and share. At Brighton Holistics we are committed to making massage and its benefits as accessible and sustainable as possible. To this end we offer a one day workshop in intro to body massage for safe home use, so that family members or carers can give short, safe treatments to maintain the positive effects of massage and touch.

National pro-touch awareness in the month of October is an offering and marking of ideas, tips and tools on how therapists can consider what it means to hold a space for someone. How touch affects all, in particular often many whom have touch deprevation. It is anchored by a national campaign found at with many resources to download and become involved in. If you are interested and wish to nurture and support this wonderful campaign. Kickstart the process by following some of the campaigns ideas and manifestos:

  • Volunteer, giving an hour of your time to volunteer your therapies for people in the care of local charities, community schemes or a Hospice/Hospital in your area.
  • Run a ‘TOUCH ME’ competition to encourage client interaction on social media, rewarding a voucher for those that reply with why they enjoy complementary therapy.
  • Pay what you can afford day; consider dedicating one day in October where income doesn’t matter. Advertise that any treatment or from a list provided is free to anyone whom is feeling the pinch, or clients putting forward friends/contacts whom are going through tough times to have a treat.
  • Fund-raising, launch a just giving campaign in October via your business. A super way to get your clients and friends behind you to support something in your local community (rather than a national charity). Giving back to the community and too promoting the ethical side to your business. For example, use the wording ‘to celebrate, we are raising funds for ….’

Here at Brighton Holistics we are proud to support the pro touch awareness campaign, therefore please do support us with this message and continue the good word on.