Brighton Holistics Student Charter

Brighton Holistics is committed to supporting the experience of our students as they work towards fulfilling their academic and personal potential.

The Student Charter is a living reference point for our students and staff setting out our expectations, rights and responsibilities as members of the Brighton Holistics community. It gives an overview of how we work together to establish and maintain our unique learning and living culture. Our Student Charter has been jointly developed by Brighton Holistics and Student experiences; whereby Brighton Holistics works in partnership with students on the continual implementation and development of the Charter and the students voice.

We work within a set of regulations, policies, terms and conditions and guidelines that determine how we operate. These ensure we follow best practice and meet our legal requirements in a range of key areas.

As a student of Brighton Holistics you are among individuals whom have studied on our programmes. Together with our accreditors, we offer access to high quality education that meets the needs of the complementary sector.

Our student charter has been developed by Brighton Holistics from students experiences and the voice of the students. Setting out what we expect from one another in a partnership.

We believe that clear, mutual expectations will help to improve the quality of your student experience with us and ensure we focus on further enhancements.


As a School, we will:

  • provide all information required for you to complete your programme of study
  • provide you with the learning materials and resources that allow you to engage successfully with your studies
  • provide opportunities for peer interaction.

As a student, you will:

  • take responsibility for your own learning, pursue your studies with a positive commitment and do your best.
  • utilise the learning resources available to you on your programme of study
  • actively participate in any required learning activities and assessments for your programme.


As a School, we will:

  • provide clear information concerning the level of academic support you will receive
  • take all reasonable measures to provide appropriate support where disabilities and/or access requirements may inhibit your learning
  • provide you with access to online resources required for study; the student portal and online downloadable manuals.
  • give you opportunities to provide feedback on the quality of our programmes and services
  • provide you with appropriate channels to voice any concerns you have throughout the course of your study
  • treat any complaints seriously and fairly, and respect confidentiality at all times

As a student, you will:

  • make use of any information and exercises offered for your programme of study
  • inform us in good time of any access requirement so that we can consider how to meet your needs
  • seek advice if you are unhappy with any aspect of your study.


As a School, we will:

  • provide an educational experience that is of a consistently high standard and in line with good academic practice
  • provide you with points of contact in case you have questions or need advice
  • ensure that assessment methods are appropriate and provide you with the opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of your programme
  • provide a robust assessment system using suitable examiners, appointed by Brighton Holistics
  • publish assessment timetables before the assessment period is due to start
  • provide you with information on what is inappropriate and may constitute an assessment offence, for example, plagiarism and cheating in examinations, how to avoid it and the consequences of assessment offences
  • make all rules and regulations relating to your programme of study available to you, including those associated with assessments
  • provide you with your assessment results
  • evaluate the quality and standards offered to you at the school, as set out in the accreditation Framework

As a student, you will:

  • pay the required fees by the published deadlines
  • be responsible for managing your time so that you submit work by the stipulated deadlines to avoid any penalties or delays to your progression
  • know the dates, times and location of your tutorials and assessments and arrive in plenty of time
  • follow any advice given in your programme information including, but not limited to, methods of academic writing, good practice of referencing and how to avoid plagiarism
  • ensure that you understand and comply with all rules and regulations relating to your programme of study, including procedures regarding your assessment
  • comply with any expectations and procedures set by Brighton Holistics, as applicable.
  • Comply with the learners agreement to which you have signed into


As a School, we will:

  • be courteous and respectful in our interactions with you on all platforms
  • provide equality of treatment for all regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief
  • respect your right to confidentiality
  • protect all the personal information you provide to us and be aware of all responsibilities in line with the Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Equality Acts.

As a student, you will:

  • be courteous and respectful in your interactions with Brighton Holistics staff on all platforms
  • be considerate and respectful to our diverse community of students, including the language you other relevant online platforms including social media
  • behave in an appropriate manner when taking exams, assessments and comply with all examination and assessment rules.

Keeping in touch

As a School we will:

  • keep you informed of any updates and changes that affect your programme of study.

As a student you will:

  • check regularly for school correspondence which is being sent to you via email, or on your student portal.