Brighton Holistics Online Help & Support

Brighton Holistics Online Help & Support 

During your course, if you require any help and support either individually or as a group please make a request for additional support. We offer as much email and telephone support as you require and can also offer Zoom support to you individually or to the whole group.

Please remember we can only help you if you tell us you have a problem. If we don’t know anything about an issue we can’t do much to help you with it.

Here are some pages which may help you if you have a general question: –

General FAQ – click here

Brighton Holistics Terms and Conditions – click here 

Meeting etiquette. 

  • Please make sure you arrive to the meeting waiting room on time.
  • Please make sure that your webcam is turned on and positioned correctly. Anyone who turns their webcam off will be asked to leave the meeting.
  • Please be mindful of background noise. If you can, mute your microphone and only turn it on to ask a question or for conversation.
  • Please ensure that you will have minimal distractions during the meeting. This includes, family, pets, phones etc.
  • Please make sure that email, text messages and mobile phone notifications are turned off on your phone and computer.
  • Please remember that you are attending a training session, therefore the same etiquette applies as it would in the classroom. Don’t try to multi-task during this training session.
  • Please feel free to interact like you would in the classroom and ask questions, but make sure the presenter is aware that you wish to ask one by indication on Zoom that you want to ask a question by using the wave icon or just raising your hand, so that as much as possible, only one person at a time is talking to allow for everyone to listen.
  • Please also be aware that someone in the group may have hearing or learning difficulties so be supportive of this. If you didn’t hear or understand something which was said, please ask for the tutor to repeat or rephrase their statement. It is more difficult for us to judge comprehension through body language online, as it would be in person.

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