Brighton Holistics Learners Portfolio Instructions

Brighton Holistics Learners Portfolio Instructions

You will revive an email from –

  • This email will contain your username and a generic password which will need changing. 
  • In the top right-hand corner, you will see it says, “log in” please click this.
  • Enter your username exactly as shown in the email from Admin User. 
  • Enter your password exactly as shown in the email from Admin User. (You will be required to change the password the first time you log in).
  • Click on login.
  • The first time you login you will be required to change your password.
  • Once you have changed your password you will be taken through to the main portal page.
  • On the top left-hand side of the page, you will see a drop-down menu which says ‘my courses’. You will see your course listed.
  • You are advised to read the documentation at the top of the page before you continue onto your portfolio.

Please Note

If you fail to receive the email from admin user, please check your junk or spam folder or click on the “forgotten your username or Password link”. Enter the email address you gave us when you registered for the course and click “Log In”. An email will then be sent to you telling you how to log in and reset your information. Your username will always be the name (first and surname all in lowercase) you gave us when registering for the course.

Please click here you will find a full guide on how to use the portfolio System / Moodle

Scanning Documents 

If you don’t have a scanner there are a few good apps which you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

  • My Scanner click here for the app (Apple). Click here for the link below for a Youtube video on how to use “Scanner for Me” 
  • Adobe scanner click here for the app (Apple). Click here for the link below for a Youtube video on how to use “Adobe Scanner”

These apps are also available for Android and can be found in your app store.


It’s a requirement that all assignments are referenced as explained to you on your first day of training. Each assignment must show at the bottom of the page where the information has come from. If this is your own original work, then this needs to be stated. If you have used any websites, book, manuals etc. these must be listed.

A selection of work goes through a process called “Turn It In” this shows if any plagiarism has taken place. If it has, then work will be rejected.

Marking is extremely time consuming and finding that the correct information has not been given is a waste valuable time not only for you but for other learners.

Blue ticks 

Here at Brighton Holistics, we read 100% of your work. Once you have submitted your work the system will show a blue tick on the right-hand side of the screen. This then shows up on the Assessors computer for marking. If this blue tick disappears it means that the assessor may have rejected your work. Please note that it is impossible to give feedback to all your work you submit. If the assessor has marked your work, please take it that your work is fine. If there is a problem you will be notified, by having a message sent to you with the assignment which has been rejected.

Case Study 

A case study is an extremely important document within any portfolio.

Please only upload Word, PDF or Pages format documents to the portfolio system. Any other format will be rejected by the assessor.

Your portfolio needs to be written answering the questions shown within your course, explaining the different aspects of your case study and giving a full response to each question. Your completed portfolio should be no less than 400 words, not including rewriting the questions. There is no maximum limit on the number of words you can use. The assessor is looking for quality, not quantity.  Please note that one-word answers are not acceptable. If your case study does need the requirements, it will be returned to you to add additional information into it. Please do not simply copy and paste information from one case study to the next.

Please click here to see a sample of the quality of case study we are looking for.