Brighton Holistics Learners Agreement

Brighton Holistics are committed to continually improving the quality of our courses. As well as what you can expect from us, this agreement also explains what Brighton Holistics expects of you. The quality of the services that we believe you are entitled to is balanced with responsibilities placed on you.

When studying at Brighton Holistics this is what you can expect from us:

  • On day one, we will provide you with information about the School and its facilities,
  • Explanation of course syllabus showing key stages and criteria for examination,
  • That the teaching you receive will be evaluated. We will use feedback to enhance the quality of our teaching,
  • That we will work with you to help you develop your learning skills, recognising that this is an ongoing process,
  • That we will provide a quality learning environment,
  • That we will provide you with access to appropriate resources to enable you to complete your assignments and studies, or direct you to where additional resources can be located,
  • That we will support your learning, within the course duration, to complete your studies,
  • That teaching staff will be courteous, professional, punctual and efficient,
  • That we will seek to create and maintain an environment which is conducive to learning,
  • That we will respect your right to dignity & confidentiality (barring safeguarding procedures and necessity of information regarding course participation/ completion),
  • That we will comply with all current, relevant legislation.

What we expect of you in return:

  • That that you will take responsibility for your own learning and assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to learning for all,
  • That you take responsibility for seeking any support you need,
  • That you use our facilities with respect and consideration for others,
  • That you will be courteous, efficient and behave in a professional manner towards all,
  • That you will be punctual or notify teaching staff of any expected late arrival or absence,
  • Although we operate a non-discrimination policy, respecting spiritual and religious views, nonetheless, it is vital that each student is able to work freely, with everyone else in the class, regardless of race, religion or sex. This is a learning environment; therefore, students are expected to work with each other, during the practical sessions of the course, whether male or female. It is vital that students take part in the giving and receiving of treatments, so that different body types, skin types, age groups and musculature can be experienced for training and development purposes,
  • That you will pay all fees and charges due when required, please see the booking terms and condition for further information,
  • That you communicate promptly any issues affecting your participation/completion of the course,
  • That you ensure that you are physically and mentally fit for your course as it is advertised.