Brighton Holistics COVID-19 Information page – Short courses

Brighton Holistics COVID-19 Information page – Short courses

This page was updated on March 19th 2021, please see the bold green text for the update.

Brighton Holistics is planning on opening on April 12 in line with the Government guidelines. 

This page will provide you with all the information you will need while attending a course at Brighton Holistics regarding Covid-19, during the current pandemic. You will be able to refer to this page during your training to help and advise you on hygiene, PPE and alterations you will need to make during your training and case studies. You will also find the Brighton Holistics health and Hygiene policy regarding Covid-19 which must be followed by anyone attending Brighton Holistics.

Please take the time to read this page to familiarise yourself with all the information contained within.

Brighton Holistics Health & Hygiene policy – Please click here. This may change following Government guidelines.

Before you attended Brighton Holistics you and your model will need to complete an online form, here are the forms: – 

Learners form – please click here.

Model form, please click on this link  –

If you are a general visitor to Brighton Holistics please click on this link for the Visitors form

If you need to send information to anyone regarding attending Brighton Holistics please share this web page address (URL) with them.

Please note these forms must be completed every time you come to face to face training at Brighton Holistics.

To view the historic COVID-19 statements please click here 

Attending a course or tutorial day at Brighton Holistics.

We require all learners and models to wear a type 2 surgical facemask, not just a face-covering, learners must also wear a face shield (government guidelines update on August 13th) or goggles – polycarbonate safety spectacles or equivalent, (government guidelines update on September 11th) during their time with us, but please note that PPE will not be provided to learners or models for the course. Before your first practical day with us, you will be sent a copy of our Hygiene Policy which you must agree to, sign and return to us before attending your course. If this is not completed, you will not be allowed to attend your practical day with us at Brighton Holistics.

We have been asked what happens if someone is exempt from wearing a mask. I’m afraid our priority must be the safety and security of all our learners and team members. If you are exempt from wearing a mask you will need to defer your course until face masks are no longer a requirement. We are not discriminating or singling anyone out but, are looking after the safety of all. Not wearing a mask potentially puts other learners and the Brighton Holistics team at risk. We are extremely sorry if this causes offence or upset, however, we must follow the government guidelines and think of the safety for everyone who attends Brighton Holistics.

Please remember that we have also been affected by this dreadful virus, and we are doing everything possible to accommodate all our learners. We ask that you be understanding of this and as much as possible, allow some flexibility.

Short Courses 1-day courses

As of April 12th, all one and two-day courses will revert back to our normal way of teaching. The course starts at 10.30 am and finishes at around 4.30 pm. You will study theory in the morning and practical in the afternoon. Your model will be required from 1.15 pm till 4.30 pm.

If at any point during the day you begin to feel unwell, please inform a member of the Brighton Holistics team immediately.

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