Brighton Holistics COVID-19 Historic Statements

Brighton Holistics COVID-19 Historic Statements

Statement issued on November 5th

The national lockdown started again today, however since the announcement of the lockdown, there has been much conflicting information regarding whether or not complementary therapists can continue to work.

The FHT has just released a statement which appears to state that therapists can continue to work as long as they are offering a service that supports a client who has a physical or mental health condition or injury and it is clearly stated on their consultation form (please remember that Level 3 qualified therapists cannot treat injuries). You can also continue to treat clients if you work alongside a health care professional (doctor, nurse etc) where the treatment is part of the clients overall healthcare plan, as well as if your client is referred to you directly by a osteopath, physiotherapist or other health professional.

Of course, it will continue to be your decision as to whether or not you wish to continue seeing clients and you must take into consideration your own circumstances and the health risks associated.

As far as training is concerned, the update from FHT also states that education in complementary therapy can continue while following all the associated guidelines regarding close contact services that were introduced before this lockdown.

It is because of this statement that after initially believing we had to close for training, we will once again reopen. We understand that many of you have already rescheduled your course dates, however if you wish to train on your original course booking date scheduled during November or December, then we will happily change this again for you. However since we have cleared the diary to reschedule everyone, if you do wish to attend your original date, can we please ask that you email us on indicating the course you are booked onto and what the original date for the course was, so that we can reinstate it in the diary for you. If you would prefer to keep the new course date due to the current circumstances, then there is no need to contact us and we will keep you on the new scheduled date for next year.

We also ask that anyone who had a Level 3 tutorial day booked in during November or December, to also please email us on with the original date of the tutorial day and which tutorial day it was, so we can reinstate this for you. We appreciate that some of you may now have had to cancel models or made other arrangements for these days, so please don’t worry if you miss a tutorial day as we will be rescheduling more for the beginning of next year.

We understand how frustrating this is for everyone, but please be assured it is no less frustrating for us and we will continue to do our best to ensure everyone still receives the highest level of training they can.

This is the current guidance from FHT and is always subject to change. If there are any changes made to this, we will once again update you with the lasted advice.

Statement Issued by Brighton Holistics on November 1st 2020

On Saturday, October 31st Boris Johnson made a statement regarding COVID-19 and the second national lockdown coming into effect on November 3rd through to December 2nd.
Here at Brighton Holistics, we have always stated that we will follow the government guidelines and do what we think is best to protect our learners, our team, and other people we work with.
With this in mind as of November 5th, Brighton Holistics will not be carrying out any practical face to face training. Instead, you will be asked to reschedule your course as stated within our terms and conditions.
All Level 3, 4, and 5 qualification courses will go ahead as planned using Zoom but will be covering theory only during this time and not any of the practical training. We will reschedule the practical sessions once the lockdown has been removed. An 8-month extension will automatically be added to your course giving you a total of 18 months to complete the course from your course start date.
It is important to use this time wisely and complete as many of the theory modules and online courses as you can, so that when we come out of lockdown we can then concentrate on the practical elements.
I’m afraid this also means that case studies cannot be completed at this current time.
Please note that online courses are not affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and will not be extended.
You may be asking, “but colleges and education facilities have not been closed”, this is correct, however close contact services such as massage, beauty, hairdressing etc, have been closed and we, therefore, cannot teach these subjects. You might find some complementary therapy colleges or schools to be open, but if they are, they are not following the guidelines.
During this time Brighton Holistics will do everything we can to help and support you with your learning. Please also remember that we are just as affected by the pandemic just as you are.
We will be emailing everyone personally also, over the next day or two giving you more information.
If you have any questions please email them to us at

Take care and stay safe