Brighton Holistics – Complaints Policy

Brighton Holistics takes all complaints and concerns about all professional misconduct very seriously.

The following outlines the process for filing a complaint against Brighton Holistics.

Making a Complaint

A complaint must be received by Brighton Holistics in writing or email within 14 days of the alleged incident. It should be posted for the attention of Brighton Holistics Ltd Director, 206 Warren, Road, Brighton, BN2 6DD. We will investigate the complaint immediately and you will be given a full and prompt reply. The complaint should include the full names of any persons, as well as the time, place, date(s) and details of the alleged event(s). All complaints should be registered with

Brighton Holistics will investigate within one month of the event. To maintain confidentiality, Brighton Holistics asks that any complaints be sent by registered mail or e-mail, by the Complainant. Brighton Holistics will not process any anonymous complaints.

Receiving the Complaint

Once a complaint is filed with Brighton Holistics the complainant will receive an acknowledgement in writing within 14-days of the complaint being made. If the complaint is about a member of the team, then Brighton Holistics will give that team member a further 14-days to respond.

Investigating a Complaint

The investigation process may take an underdetermined amount of time, but no more than 150 days. The Principle will investigate the complaint and following the investigation, a report is prepared. The Principle will make their formal response or decision within 150 days of receiving the complaint.

The Decision

If the decision is in favour of the complainant, then any of the following may happen.

  • All efforts will be taken to resolve the complaint amicably and swiftly
  • Instructions will be given to take other appropriate or formal action as required

If the decision is in favour of Brighton Holistics or a member of the team, then any of the following may happen.

  • The complainant will receive formal notice that no further action will be taken

The complainant and any relevant members of the team will receive a written copy of the decision.

Appealing the Decision

If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, then they must take further action and discuss their case with the relevant professional body.

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months by the Brighton Holistics Team