Brighton Holistics – Assessment Policy


  • To ensure that assessment methodology is valid, reliable and does not disadvantage or advantage any group of learners or individuals
  • To ensure that the assessment procedure is open, fair and free from bias and adheres to national standards
  • To ensure that there is accurate and detailed recording of assessment decisions

In order to do this, Brighton Holistics will:

  • Ensure that learners are provided with assignments that are fit for purpose, to enable them to produce appropriate evidence for assessment
  • Assess learner’s evidence using only the published assessment and grading criteria
  • Ensure that assessment decisions are impartial, valid and reliable
  • Not limit or ‘cap’ learner achievement if work is submitted late
  • Develop assessment procedures that will minimise the opportunity for malpractice
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of assessment decisions
  • Maintain a robust and rigorous internal verification procedure
  • Provide samples for Standards Verification as required by the accrediting body
  • Monitor standards verification reports and undertakes any remedial action required
  • Share good assessment practice between all awarding/accrediting body programme teams
  • Ensure that awarding/accrediting body assessment methodology and the role of the assessor are understood by the whole team
  • Provide resources to ensure that assessment can be performed accurately and appropriately.

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months by the Brighton Holistics Team