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What does January 2020 look like for us?

What does January 2020 look like

What does January 2020 look like for us?

It is a month to be proud of where we are at as individuals and what we have all achieved; it’s a time for reflection and appreciation.

We are proud that all of our students are able to look back at just how valuable their learning has been and how much easier life was made by having access to our online portal throughout their course. Partnered to the extension of CPD courses that we nurture for onward learning and student career support for many years past the first qualification a student receives from Brighton Holistics.

At the close of 2019 we held a celebratory anniversary of trading, right before the launch of our full 2020 portfolio that now extends to 97 courses.

Tutorial videos

Another important task for us has been to create useful and easy to understand online accessible tutorials for our students to access. So we’ve continued with a series of concise and accurate short tutorial videos for the precision of beginners, helping students to cover all the necessary parts of their learning skills when away from the classroom environment. This video series will be ongoing, so feel free to send any suggestions for topics you would like to see into the future.

Improving upon 2020

Our tutor team is really grateful for every minute we spend in the company of our students, for every remark you have made and every opinion you have shared. All your input helps us to improve the overall experience for our students into 2020.

2019 was a historic year and we are pleased to see the number of students continuing their CPD education and up skill growing year on year. And while we are off to a great start, remember that this is only the beginning, as we have more exciting developments to come and be announced. Please do look at our extended learning courses, those fresh skills you may seek. The basis and foundation of our business is built upon continued education, we believe we are ambassadors and leaders for the complementary industry and individuals growth. It is the heartbeat of whom we are.

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Facing the month of December

Facing the month of December

Facing the month of December. It is the month of appreciation for thoughtful little gestures and personal touches. Making all the difference to sprinkle a share of care and contribution to the Christmas holiday period.

At this time of year there is an increase in needing a break and the best Christmas gift is to make a life a little brighter and lighter. There is no better way to celebrate with a little imagination of your skills, knowing that you can create a memorable present and getaway in therapy treatment.

This month we have picked upon the eastern therapy of facial massage. Where in shiatsu, acupressure and similar Eastern therapies pressure is applied to points of the face in order to stimulate or unblock the flow of vital energy in specific meridians. The practice of facial massage leaves the feeling of a more lifted, tightened and uplifted face.

Facials are becoming big news; much more than creams and product, entering into the practices of massage. An art of many hundred years where first written records of massage therapy are from Chinese medical texts dating from the third century BC. Relieving neck tension, alleviating nervous disorders, a relief of premenstrual water retention, lymphatic drainage focus, improvement of facial skin and muscular tone among many of the attributes a Rejuvinating facial massage boasts.

Here at Brighton Holistics we believe in likewise the covetable healthy gains and attributes of Rejuivinating massage. Having seven stages to invigorate appearance and to crystallise in clarity what it is to have a good self care facial routine. The passage of learning to deliver a rejuvenating facial massage will teach the pressure point locale on the face to include, mental stimulation, pituitary gland, colon, kidney, bowel action, heart, spleen, pancreas and stomach, lungs, lymphatic and more. A treatment of great detail and a stand alone therapy of its own.

We have been following holistic therapy and delivery of teaching for many years and seen facial massage take a re-birth over the last year. We believe we hold the blueprint of diving deep into all our subjects on our portfolio to help our students progress that little father. In partnership to having a fantastic community of therapists whom we are utterly proud and are always listening to feedback of ideas and trying to be that little bit better in our delivery for.

What a deserved time to thank all for visiting Brighton Holistics, for your continued support and custom. We wish you all a fantastic festive period and a close to what has been a year full of gratitudes.


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Q&A with Brighton Holistics

Jon Matson-Higgins - Principal & senior Tutor of Brighton Holistics

Q&A with Brighton Holistics – We recently asked Jon Matson-Higgins, Brighton Holistics Principal, a series of questions on what it means to be the UK’s leading training provider with over 70 qualifications approved with the with FHT. What developments have been made to the learning process, and how it has changed over time. Read on to find out what he had to say.

Brighton Holistics provides the highest number of approved training courses with the FHT course provider records, putting them in a platinum provider status and providing 71 courses to the highest level. What has Brighton Holistics done to achieve this status?

The FHT awards high levels and measures of approval to learning providers which demonstrate excellence in their course management and delivery (this covers things like the support and advice they provide students with, and how easy it is for students to contact tutors) and those which continuously receive positive student feedback. As an FHT Learning Provider, Brighton Holistics is, therefore, giving you a great learning experience helping you through to your exams.

Brighton Holistics is an Approved FHT training provider and no doubt there is a stringent criteria that Brighton Holistics has to meet to gain approval. Could you give some insight into what these are?

There is a range of very stringent criteria that Brighton Holistics have had to meet for approval, criteria which ensure FHT students have access to high-quality study texts and question banks for their practical and FHT exam studies. They cover, for instance, the broad and deep range of certified courses offered, staffing levels and roles (to ensure first-class, fit-for-purpose, updated learning material and knowledgeable staff is available), distribution (to ensure all of Brighton Holistics students, wherever they are based, have access to the materials), pricing and of course most importantly quality.

There are have been a number of developments to your qualification portfolio recently, including the move to new courses and the introduction of computer-based learning and Anatomy, Physiology and pathology exams. How has FHT supported Brighton Holistics with these developments to ensure they are made for the benefit of students?

When FHT makes changes to theIr advisories, we ensure that we consult with and engage with our students. Brighton Holistics tutors also regularly undertake trialling, which means that they test and comment upon various components of the delivery of our courses. Their participation in this consultation process has helped us ensure that you can progress through the qualification at a speed most suited to your needs and requirements. Their input means that all our new and existing courses and exams will provide an excellent user experience, and test the technical knowledge and workplace skills and competencies that employers are looking for.

How is the FHT Qualification seen by employers in the UK?

Employers value the FHT qualification for a variety of reasons but the one thing that keeps coming up is that it’s truly recognised for quality. The content of the qualification itself is important, taking feedback that the breadth of the syllabus means those they hire are versatile and can work across a variety of skills in independence. That makes FHT qualified employees so useful to the business, which is really what matters most to employers.

How has the FHT Qualification moved with the times, to meet the challenges of and changes in the global economy, and the new demands from students and employers?

The Brighton Holistics syllabus was introduced from our early days but the syllabuses and exams certainly don’t look the same as they did then. We review our syllabuses annually and update them (adding and removing content) to ensure that they remain relevant and that newly-qualified FHT members have the skills and knowledge employers are looking for in line with the national occupational standards expectant.

Additions to the curriculum for 2020 will include, Oncology Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology and the reintroduction of one of our favourites requested by our learners of Lomi Lomi and Thai herbal compress. If you are considering refreshing, take a look at the current syllabus for one of the Diplomas you sat and see how much it has changed.

The exam formats have of course also changed. All of our Professional Level exams use case studies in their assessments. The use of in-depth practical scenarios in these exams means that you have to demonstrate skills which are highly sought after by employers, and relevant for therapists roles, those skills that make you more employable. In addition to our theory exam sittings online, which provides you and employers greater flexibility to schedule exams at a time and pace to suit your needs. 2020 sees us introduce a module of Mental Health conditions to all of our diplomas certifications, further allowing a therapist to have a bank of understanding they can identify with and to their clients appropriately.

What is the most exciting news you have on behalf of FHT for 2019-2020?

I have a daily opportunity to meet with our learners and therapists to hear of their stories, their struggles, their successes, and how FHT is helping them help realise their dreams and ambitions of becoming professional therapists. Into the new year, we will be proudly releasing our new courses to further deliver to our students to help them on this continuum of personal success.

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Q&A with Brighton Holistics