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August In Summary

August In Summary, brighton holistics

August In Summary – As we wrap up August our mind may be beginning to reflect upon the gradual loss of evening light in the months to come. So we thought here at Brighton Holistics we would drop some ideas on how best can you get the most out of your evenings to reflect upon getting creative with some wellbeing suggestion.


What is it you want to change, establish what it is you can put in place to see in your goals?


How best can you resource your technology to connecting better with you? Our short courses or speciality courses give good reading material and can put in place a productive few hours of expansion into new journeys of online learning.


Habits create and set up peace of mind and self-worth. Celebrate what good things you can do for yourself?


Appreciation is a ritual seen and practiced in Reiki, giving honest reflection and encouragement to our surroundings and learning its deeply calming practice. Taking moments to look before you and calming the mind.

Establish Routine

Good sleep and sleep hygiene is a positive and self-loving way to closing the day and welcoming in the new. Being well-rested and revitalised for the day ahead.

Preparing food

Becoming engrossed and detached from the humdrum and having a well-spent evening putting good nurture to food planning, preparation and putting good into the body will leave you revitalised when you wake.

When you struggle

What makes you feel better when you’ve had a tough day, be aware and restful with your solutions. It Is ok to remember the basics, making a cup of tea and just sitting is ok. Remember the importance of simple is key in wellbeing.

Focusing on good and great things is key, what you appreciate, what makes you smile, what gives you a break, remember and even note them down. What matters is you enjoy and plan for your winter evenings ahead to get a whiff of bringing back the enchanting memories of hot summer evenings.

There are many reasons why our students decided to take on a Diploma or short course, winter evenings is another great argument to give you something to turn the head elsewhere and find something inspiring to reward you into the new year. Take a peek into our winter schedule and get planting some seeds into the winter months to come. – August In Summary